Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Muhammara and Tabbouleh

As usual I have been taking very random pictures of whatever I cook, and not posting the recipes. So when the deadline for Nupur's BB6 came up, I decided to bring two dips to the pot luck. I got the recipes from a blog called Desert Candy, written by Mercedes. I found her blog one day while randomly looking for a Mediterranean food blog, and so far her recipes have turned out pretty good!!!

I have made the Muhammara about 3 times after finding her recipe, and it has always turned out finger-licking good (at least that's what my guests say!!!!). I never change the proportion of the ingredients, or the way she makes it, so I'm posting a link to her recipe along with pictures of the finished product.

Tabbouleh is another refreshing, light, salad-like dip?? that goes well with pita (or any other kind of bread). The mixture of greens, the tangy flavor of tomatoes, and the sourness of the lime makes it a very refreshing summer salad. It is really easy to make, except for the patience required to chop the different kinds of leaves. We had these dips with fresh homemade garlic breadsticks, and we loved every bit of our meal. Here's the link for the tabbouleh recipe along with the pictures!! Enjoy!!


  1. I have heard about Muhammara and so want to try it. Your pics are very tempting.